Welcome to the Sioux Empire Amateur Radio Emergency Service (SEARES) Website.  This site is dedicated to supporting and promoting ARES operations, emergency communications, emergency preparedness & the service of amateur radio.

ARES is an arm of the Field Organization of the ARRL.  ARES is dedicated to providing radio based backup communications to served agencies in our region. To hone skills as communicators, we provide radio support for a variety of community events such as walks, marathons, races, bikes, or large gatherings requiring communications, both digital and voice.

All radio amateurs are eligible to become general members of ARES. Learn more, become a member, become a served agency, sign-up to receive SEARES announcements, or contact us!

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1 years ago

Greg Hooterville Mayor Anderson

I would like to invite everyone to the Prairie Patriots net every Monday night at 2030 hours on the State Link.
Everyone is welcome, and please inform net control that you are an ARES member so we can track activity.

Thank you.
Greg (Gus) Anderson
Minn. Cnty. ARES EC

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