Local Emergency Coordinator (EC)

Dustin Schnabel (KD0QYR) is the local Emergency Coordinator (EC) and leads the Sioux Empire ARES organization.  The primary responsibilities of the EC is working with the Section Emergency Coordinator, the DEC and Official Emergency Stations, the EC prepares for and engages in management of communications needs in disasters.  The EC also coordinates local training, membership and community event coverage.

District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)

Anthony Buss (KB0WSW) is the District Emergency Coordinator serving SEARES. The ARRL District Emergency Coordinator is appointed by the SEC to supervise the efforts of local Emergency Coordinators in the defined district.

Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)

James D. Zahradnicek (KD0S) is the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) and is the assistant to the for emergency preparedness. The SEC is appointed by the ARRL Section Manager to take care of all matters pertaining to emergency communications and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) on a sectionwide basis. The SEC post is one of top importance in the section and the individual appointed to it should devote all possible energy and effort to this one challenging organizational program for Amateur Radio. There is only one SEC appointed in each section of the ARRL Field Organization.

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