Amateur radio and emergency communications was featured on a Fox News story recently: Ham Radio: Old Technology Gets New Respect | Fox News.

Although we may disagree that it is “Old Technology”, with the innovation in electronics & digital communications, the message of  “When All Else Fails..” rings true.

As an ARES group we strive to become embedded with our served agencies, as stated in the article:

“We look at ham radio operators just like GEMA staff, just like DOT staff and Georgia State Patrol staff,” said GEMA Director Charlie English. “They are a critical partner with us.”

Also, the number of Amateurs in the US is encouraging and is a sign, showing that Amateur radio is alive and well:

The number of ham radio licenses is at an all-time high in the U.S. (723,182, as of April, according to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) data compiled by Joe Speroni of the Amateur Radio Education Web Site,

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Ham Radio Gets New Respect
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