WØFSD Logs Updated on QRZ

WØFSD station was again active as part of the Sioux Empire Amateur Radio Club’s Field Day operations for 2016 & 2017 as the GOTA station on 15 and 6 meters. We have uploaded our contacts to our QRZ logbook and

Additional Considerations for Your Go-Kit

We often focus on the ‘technology’ aspect of our go-kits from antennas, connectors, to radios.  Its also important to ensure that we are self sufficient in an event.  Ready.gov has a list of personal items to consider when putting together

SKYWARN Recognition Day 2014

SEARES and SEARC will be participating in SKYWARN Recognition Day 2014 on December 6th from 09:00 CST – 12:00 CST at the Sioux Falls National Weather Service Office.  If you are interested in participating, please e-mail Will (KE0Z) or Dustin

Peer to Peer RF Products in the Smart Phone Age

With events like the recent protests in Hong Kong, Technologies that do not relay on the Internet and the underlying infrastructure have come to the forefront.  These technologies may have a use in emergency communications for near range digital communications.

EmComm Anti-Patterns | HamStudy.org Blog

We often loose focus of the reasons we are encouraged to use a specific format or terminology when operating on the air. KD7BBC reviews some of his recent experiences and the “Anti-Patters” in use on the air and the purpose of

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