Radio operators vital to emergency response

Recently, Amateur Radio was featured on WTSP, of Tampa Bay, FL discussing their use in disaster communications.  Once again, showing how Amateur Radio can be integrated into the community’s disaster response. Radio operators vital to emergency response. via: Twitter @TWIAR

FCC officially gives the green light to DMR for US hams

The FCC has added TDMA as an allowable mode in the Part 97 rules, governing the Amateur service.  Thus DMR is now officially allowed.  Previously, there was much debate on weather DRM was legal on the ham bands. via: FCC officially

ARC / Disaster Communicators Forum

The Disaster Communicators Forum (DCF) Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Net meets every Sunday following the American Red Cross Communicators Net that starts at 6 P.M. Pacific Time.  SEARS members are encouraged to participate in both forums. The nets meet on EchoLink *DCF-ARC*

SmartMic Ham Radio Digital Voice

David Rowe VK5DGR and Rick Barnich KA8BMA have been working on an implementation of FreeDV (HF Digital Voice) in a hardware mic, for any HF rig.  Previously, FreeDV required a PC to process the incoming and outgoing audio. FreeDV is completely

Ham Radio Gets New Respect

Amateur radio and emergency communications was featured on a Fox News story recently: Ham Radio: Old Technology Gets New Respect | Fox News. Although we may disagree that it is “Old Technology”, with the innovation in electronics & digital communications, the message

ARRL Announces Free Exam Review Website

Today the ARRL announced a new website to help anyone to prepare for getting their amateur radio license or upgrade, allowing them to take tests and track progress.  See: ARRL Announces Free Exam Review Website. The site covers the technician, general and

Volunteers Needed for Bike MS 2014

SEARES in cooperation with the Sioux Empire Amateur Radio Club (SEARC) are in need of volunteers for this year’s “Bike MS: Sanford Health Pedal the Plains” on August 2nd, 2014. A variety of positions are available. All radio operators are

SEARES to Support 2014 Celebrate Sound! Walk

Sioux Empire Amateur Radio Service will be providing radio communications for the 2014 Celebrate Sound! Walk on May 31st, 2014.  The walk is sponsored by the Sertoma Club and will take place at Sertoma Park, 4300 S Oxbow Ave., Sioux Falls,

Website Launch

SEARES Team:  We are proud to announce the launching of  Please sign-up on the website to be able to access membership content.  Also, sign-up for the mailing lists to stay on top of the activities of SEARES! Any comments

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